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Access Keys

Operating the computer using shortcut keys is particularly important for people who have visual problems or restricted movement since they may not be able to use a mouse. They are dependant on the keypad or alternative input devices. All other users who prefer to work using the keypad rather than the mouse will benefit from knowing how to operate the keyboard.


Different browsers offer different ranges of functions to call up links which are called up using shortcut keys.

  • As soon as the key combination Alt is used with the appropriate abbreviation, Mozilla and Netscape browsers call up a link with a shortcut key immediately. This also applies to Firefox up to Version 1.5. From Version 2 the combination of the key, shift key and the appropriate figure is to be pressed.
  • Internet Explorer focuses on a link using the key combination Alt with the appropriate key. This involves requesting the link using the Enter key.
  • On a Mac the access key is Ctrl.
  • In Opera 7 links are called up using the shortcut key, where Shift+Esc are pressed first of all, then released and the verified key then pressed.

Using Microsoft Internet Explorer after activating the shortcut (for example Alt + 0 for the home page) the Enter key must be pressed again to call up the link. A JavaScript may also be used, which makes any additional use of the Enter key unnecessary.


In Firefox 2 the pad may not work because the necessary key combination (Alt+Shift+ [key]) means the number key is to be pressed twice. For this there is also a Java Script available for web suppliers available.

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