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Telephone order

MBOX can now also be ordered over the phone

MBOX - IVB will bring it – the delivery service from MPREIS and IVB just got bigger! From now on you also have the chance to order articles from the current MPREIS brochure over the phone and have IVB deliver them in the MBOX.


This is how it works:

You can order any article in the MPREIS brochure over the phone. The leaflet will be sent to you every fortnight by post. Not included in the delivery are frozen food and items from the deli counter.


You can order from:

Monday to Friday between 2:00 p.m. and 4:00 p.m. by telephoning +43 50321 928146


Delivery charges:

€ 5.00 for the first MBOX and € 2.50 for each one thereafter (max. 4 boxes per order, a crate of beer or mineral water counts as one box)



€ 10.00 per fold-away MBOX. Download the current MPREIS brochure at www.mpreis.com.

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