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Innsbruck Card

With the Innsbruck Card, you ride free on The Sightseer, on all IVB lines in Innsbruck (core zone) and on the lines to Hall in Tirol.
The Innsbruck Card is available for 24 hours (€31.00), 48 hours (€39.00) and 72 hours (€45.00).
Children from 6 to 15 years pay only half.
Get yourself an Innsbruck Card at the Innstruck Tourist Office and discover the fascinations of the city.

Info and Tickets:
Innsbruck Information, Burggraben 3, 6021 Innsbruck, Austria,
Telephone no. +43 512 / 5356-0, Fax +43 512 / 5356-314,
www.innsbruck.info, office@innsbruck.info

Tourismusverband Innsbruck

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