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You can subscribe to our RSS-Feed with Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer browsers as follows:

  • Mozilla Firefox:
    The freely available Browser Firefox (current version www.mozilla-europe.org) has supported RSS (“dynamic bookmarkers”) from Version 1.0.
  1. If Firefox finds an RSS Feed when visiting a website, a symbol appears in its title bar.
    RSS - So geht's
  2. By clicking the symbol you include the desired RSS-Feed in your bookmark list.
    RSS - So geht's
  • Internet Explorer:
    The current Internet Explorer 7.0 reads RSS-Feeds. For those who use Internet Explorer 6.0 or earlier versions, there is an RSS Client upgrade which is free of charge (www.dat-it.com).
  1. If a website offers an RSS-Feed, a window will open on your screen or the “find feeds 2” switch is activated. RSS Feed from www.ivb.at
  2. Tick the Feed you want on the Feed list. Then click on OK.
    RSS - So geht's
  3. You will see your subscribed Feed on your own sidebar, which you can open by double-clicking.
    RSS - So geht's

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