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Innsbruck-Ticket cell phone

Quick and easy: the Innsbruck cell phone ticket

For all IVB lines in Innsbruck (core zone) your ticket can be paid via cell phone via Paybox. For customers of A1, Orange, T-Mobile and tele.ring the paybox is activated without registration, for other cell phone providers you simply need to register once at www.paybox.at.

  • IVB Single
    To purchase an Innsbruck ticket, simply send an SMS saying “IVB Single” to 0828/20 200. The ticket costs € 1.80 and is valid for 45 minutes on all IVB lines in Innsbruck (core zone) including the Nightliner lines, except for NL 17 and NL 18, from the core zone border of Innsbruck and on the Postal bus Nightliner lines. You can upgrade the IVB Single to a 24-hour Innsbruck ticket for only € 2.70.
  • IVB Day
    Of course you can also order a 24-hour Innsbruck ticket for € 4.50. Simply send an SMS saying “IVB Day” to 0828/20 200.

Here’s how to register your Paybox:

The first time you purchase an Innsbruck ticket via cell phone, please answer the SMS with YES. You receive a call from Paybox for the registration to be completed. You can also register for Paybox via Internet at www.paybox.at, in all A1 shops and in electrical goods shops.

Here's how payment via Paybox works:

  • You receive an automatic call from Paybox and hear the amount to be paid and the name of the payee.
  • You approve the payment on your cell phone with your four-digit Paybox pin code.
  • The payment is carried out. You are charged on your cell phone invoice.

Important Information:

  • Please make sure your Innsbruck cell phone ticket is valid.
  • Please make sure that your Innsbruck cell phone ticket can always be verified on the display of your cell phone, for control purposes. If requested, please also tell us your cell phone number.
  • Your Innsbruck cell phone ticket must be valid before you begin your trip.
  • Your Innsbruck cell phone ticket is a service which is charged via SMS charges.

Assistance if a cell phone ticket is erroneously deleted:
If you mistakenly delete your Innsbruck cell phone ticket, please send an SMS saying “t*hilfe” to 0828/20 200.


Additional information on your Innsbruck cell phone ticket is available at:

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