Companies and their teams benefit from the IVB Top-Ticket

You know about the advantages of public transport and want to be a winner. Then you will find this offer highly attractive. Save 40 % compared to the annual ticket. The Top-Ticket is available for all employees whose company has a Top-Ticket Agreement with the IVB. They enjoy the complete IVB service 365 days/year including the new Hungerburgbahn.

Benefits for participating companies

  • Easy handling
  • Attractive social benefit and interesting offer for employees
  • Sensible solution to avoid parking problems
  • Contribution to an environmentally friendly mobility
  • Image boost through a commitment to environmental preservation
  • Reduced costs for business trips
  • Entry possible any time

Benefits for all employees

  • 40 % discount on current annual ticket – the Top-Ticket costs € 277.20 which is a € 184.80 discount compared to the annual ticket price of € 462.00.
  • Top-Ticket Umsteiger: The IVB offer a Top-Ticket especially for commuters. Commuters are granted a 40 % discount on the transfer price (currently € 297.00) for the core zone Innsbruck. Mobility in Innsbruck for € 14.85 a month. The IVB Top-Ticket Umsteiger costs 40 % less than the currently valid transfer tickets, is valid for 12 months and nontransferable. The IVB Top-Ticket Umsteiger costs € 178.20. You save € 118.80. With the IVB Top-Ticket Umsteiger VVT-commuters can use all lines within the core zone Innsbruck. Prerequisite for the Top-Ticket Umsteiger is a personal (nontransferable) VVT annual ticket. The IVB Top-Ticket Umsteiger is available for all IVB Top-Ticket holders selecting six honeycomb grids (including core zone Innsbruck). The Top-Ticket Umsteiger is recommended for this radius around Innsbruck: Telfs, Griessenbach (near Seefeld), Praxmar, Steinach, Neustift, Schwaz, Weerberg. If 7 or more grids are selected, we recommend the VVT Regioticket. However, the VVT Regioticket for zones 5, 6 and 7 includes the core zone Innsbruck. For more information about the VVT Regioticket visit
  • IVB Top-Ticket Partner: The IVB offers all partners of Top-Ticket holders the IVB Top-Ticket Partner. This special annual ticket costs 15 % less than the currently valid annual ticket, is valid for 12 months and nontransferable. The IVB Top-Ticket Partner is available for € 392.70. The partner must live in the same household (residence registration form), be older than 18 years and the Top-Tickets must be purchased in the IVB Customer Center at the same time. The partner must be present when purchasing the Top-Tickets. 
  • Top-Ticket PLUS for € 339.20 instead of € 524.00: up to 4 children (under 15 years) can accompany the Top-Ticket holder free of charge. 1 additional adult can accompany the Top-Ticket holder free of charge Monday thru Friday between 6:30 p.m. and 6:00 a.m., and Saturdays, Sundays and holidays.
  • Top-Ticket Park&Ride with the Top-Ticket on the parking lots VAZ Hafen or Olympia-World for an additional € 324.00 per year. Use the Top-Ticket for easy commuting, valid Monday thru Friday, 6:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. and Saturdays, Sundays and holidays from 6:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m..
  • Use of all public transport in the core zone Innsbruck (incl. Nightliner, Hungerburgbahn, excl. The Sightseer)
  • Discount on rides with the hailed shared taxi Innsbruck
  • Getting to and from work stress-free
  • No searching for parking space
  • Contribution to environmental protection
  • Use of all public transport services, when working and in your time off
  • Special conditions for services such as entrance fee for the provincial museums and MBOX orders, the delivery service of MPREIS and IVB
  • Personal timetable consultation in the IVB Customer Center
  • Easy handling and comfortable monthly direct debit

Attention! Please notice, that the IVB-Top-Ticket will end soon. We recommend you the IVB-Job-Ticket instead.

If you are interested in the IVB Top-Ticket please contact:
Mag. Andreas Thaler,, tel: +43 512 53 07-227

All prices include 10% VAT., valid from 01.02.2014, subject to change.

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