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Tickets for the region

Single ticket

  • For one trip without interruption in the selected zones.
  • Transfer to another bus/tram is permitted.
  • Available for all zones.

Day Ticket

  • Be mobile for one day. As many trips as you wish in the selected zones.
  • Available for all zones.

Week Ticket

  • Valid for one week.
  • Transferrable and available for all zones.

Month ticket

  • Valid for one month from the first day of validity.
  • Transferrable and available for all zones.

Year ticket

  • Valid for 12 months in each case from the 1st of the month.
  • Can be transferred and are available for all zones.
  • Issued by the VVT customer service centre in Innsbruck, Sterzinger Strasse 3.
  • Those over 61 can purchase the excellent value 1-year Senior ticket for the bus, train and tram throughout Tyrol for € 240.-. For everyone over 75, the VVT ticket costs € 120.-. The application form is available online at www.vvt.at and in the VVT customer service centre.

Nightliner lines Innsbruck (core zone)


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