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Innsbruck (core zone)

The zone system at a glance

The rate for Innsbruck (core zone) comprises the entire urban area of Innsbruck; here there are standard prices for all trips on IVB lines. For bus trips beyond the borders of the core zone, other rates apply. The zone system is depicted here, to see the details about how ticket prices are composed.

Here’s how it works:

  • Find your boarding zone and exit zone on honeycomb map.
  • Count the honeycomb beads; each bead passed = 1 zone;
    Driving through Innsbruck (core zone) counts as 2 beads.
  • Determine period of validity for tickets.
    (Single trip, day ticket, week ticket)
  • For trips in Innsbruck (core zone)
    you’ll find tickets and prices on Innsbruck-Tickets page
    For details about the region, see Tickets Region page

Trips inside Innsbruck (core zone)

Valid price: Innsbruck tariff (core zone).
Example: Maria-Theresien-Strasse -> Schützenstrasse
Trip price = core zone


€ 2.00 or € 1.80 (pre-purchased)

Trips to/out of Innsbruck (core zone) w/o changing

Core zone Innsbruck is charged only once.
Example: Innsbruck Hauptbahnhof -> Hall
Zones driven through: Innsbruck, Rum and Hall
Ticket price = 3 zones



€ 3.40


Trips to/out of Innsbruck (core zone) w/ changing

The core zone is charged only once, a surcharge is added for transfer.
Example: Rum -> Innsbruck (in Innsbruck to Sieglanger)
Zones driven through: Rum, Innsbruck
Ticket price = 2 zones + surcharge for transfer



€ 2.80 + € 1.00 = € 3.80


Trips through Innsbruck (core zone)

Core zone is charged twice (2 zones).
Example: Völs (Cyta) -> Hall
Zones driven through: Völs, Innsbruck, Rum, Hall
Ticket price = 5 zones



€ 5.20


One zone w/o Innsbruck (core zone)

Boarding and exit both inside one zone;
you do not leave this zone on your trip.
Example: Rum -> Thaur
Zones driven through: Rum / ticket price = 1 zone



€ 1.90

Several zones w/o Innsbruck (core zone)

Trip passes through several zones.
Example: Hall -> Ampass
Zones driven through: Hall, Rum and Ampass
Ticket price = 3 zones



€ 3.40

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