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Interesting facts

Interesting facts

Did you know that...

  • about 49,000,000 guests travel on our lines each year?
  • thera are about 341 km of IVB lines?
  • die Gesamtlänge des IVB Liniennetzes 341,476 km beträgt
  • about 8,500,000 km are driven on 30 IVB lines?
  • on buses equipped with IBIS (integrated board information system) a radio signal can be sent at certain intersections and the traffic light turns green?
  • the IVB has its own washing stations with recycled water?
  • the IVB has about 600 employees?
  • IVB personnel get regular update training?
  • streetcars, buses and nostalgic coaches can be rented at special prices?

51 % Innsbrucker Kommunalbetriebe AG
45 % City of Innsbruck
4 % State of Tirol
Year of establishment: 1893

Corporate registry no.: 37318f
Corporate Registry: State Court of Innsbruck
VAT ID no.: ATU37376308
Supervisory Authority: National Ministry for Transportation, Innovation and Technology
Tirolean State Government

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General Direction: DI Martin Baltes.

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