New regulations on travelling with bikes

Passengers are only permitted to board a bus or tram with their bike at certain times of the day, although bike racks may still be used without any restrictions.

Since May 2020, passengers have only been permitted to board an IVB bus or tram with their bike between 9am and 3pm and between 6:30pm and 6am on weekdays. This means that bikes are not allowed during the morning and evening rush hour, when passenger numbers on public transport are at their highest. No such time restrictions apply at weekends or on public holidays.

Outside of the morning and evening rush hour, two bikes may be transported at each designated storage point on public transport – but passengers travelling with a pushchair or a wheelchair must always be given priority there. Any bikes transported on a bus must be secured using the straps provided.

If the vehicle features a bike rack, this can be used to transport bikes at any time. However, passengers use the bike racks at their own risk and IVB cannot assume liability for any damage. The bike must first be suspended by its front wheel from the hook at the top, then guided into the upper and lower rails. Finally, the lock located at the bottom must be fastened to the frame of the bike.