Mobility training

In order to make travelling on public transport as easy as possible for all city residents, IVB and Klimabündnis Tirol provide regular workshops for school pupils and senior citizens. The aim is to instruct the workshop participants in the safe use of buses and trams, enabling these individuals to enjoy independent mobility for themselves.

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For schools

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Mobistar mobility training

Be a Mobistar – workshop for school pupils 
For children and young people, mobility is an important aspect of daily life. They have to go to school, they need to attend training and they want to visit their friends. At the Mobistar school workshop run by IVB and Klimabündnis Tirol, school pupils aged 9-12 learn how to safely use public transport in Innsbruck.

Contents of the workshop 
Participants learn the right way to read and understand timetables, purchase and use tickets, and change from one service to another. The children are also shown how to get on and off public transport properly and how they should behave during the journey.

The theoretical section of the workshop is structured around games and practical exercises. This enables the children to quickly try out what they have learned and put this into practice. The school pupils can also take a look behind the scenes, with the chance to sit in the driver’s seat, press the button to open the doors and visit the company premises of IVB.

The workshop aims to give children the opportunity to safely experience independent mobility and familiarise themselves with the benefits of using public transport.

An additional promotion sees the school pupils issued with a ‘Mobipass’. This mobility pass enables them to travel all across the city and collect ‘Mobistar’ stickers for their pass at selected locations (such as the Metropol-Kino cinema). Once the pass is full, the children are entitled to receive a small gift at the IVB customer centre.

Target group
School pupils in years 4-6 (aged 9-12)

Module 1+2: three teaching periods in total; module 3 (visit to the company premises): two teaching periods

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For senior citizens

All change

For interested groups of senior citizens, the ‘Public transport – all change’ workshop run by IVB is a good opportunity to practice using public transport. Timetables are presented and explained, the orientation systems are clarified in detail and participants also learn precisely how to use the ticket machines. The training takes place in the corresponding district of the city, based on the needs and requirements of the group. Following the theoretical section, the participants will then be able to put their new-found knowledge into practice right away by going on a journey together.

  • Meeting point: by arrangement (with Klimabündnis Tirol)
  • Structure: theoretical section, journey through Innsbruck, leisurely conclusion
  • Duration: 1.5 to 3 hours
  • Cost: free

Destinations around Innsbruck

The IVB workshop ‘Destinations around Innsbruck – get there with IVB’ shows interested groups of senior citizens how easy it is to go on excursions in and around Innsbruck. To begin with, the participants are given detailed information on IVB, the route map, the tariff system, the zone system and the options for changing between services. The instructor from Klimabündnis Tirol then presents selected walking routes that take in a great deal of art and culture.

  • Meeting point: by arrangement
  • Structure: theoretical section, presentation of destinations, journey through Innsbruck if desired, leisurely conclusion
  • Dauer: kann variabel gestaltet werden: 1,5 bis 3 Stunden
  • Cost: free